Keynote Speakers/主讲嘉宾

Keynote Speakers/主讲嘉宾


Prof. Zhenxiang Xing   邢贞相 教授

School of Water Conservancy and Civil Engineering, Northeast Agricultural University  水利与土木工程学院   东北农业大学

Research Area   研究领域

Hydrologic modelling, hydrologic uncertainty analysis and probabilistic forecasting


Speech Title   演讲题目 

"AM-MCMC Applied in Combined Model to Deal with the Uncertainty of Weights of Single Models"


Abstract: Reliability and validity of model prediction play a decisive role in water resource simulation and prediction. Among many prediction models, the combined model (CM) is widely used because it can combine the prediction results of multiple single models and make full use of the information provided by various methods. CM is an effective method to improve the predictive veracity but the weight of single model estimation is the key to the CM. Previous studies take errors as the objective function to calculate the weight and usually without considering the uncertainty of weight of individual model. In order to consider the uncertainty of the weight and to improve universal applicability of the CM, we intend the Markov chain Monte Carlo based on Adaptive Metropolis algorithm (AM-MCMC) to solve the weight of a single model in the CM, and obtain the probability distribution of the weight and the joint probability density of all the weight. Then, the optimal weight combination is obtained. In order to test the validity of the established model, we put it into the prediction of monthly groundwater level. The two single models in the CM are time series analysis model (TSAM) and grey model (GM(1,1)) respectively. The case study showed that the uncertainty characteristic of the weight in the CM can be obtained by AM-MCMC. According to the study results, CM has a good performance for groundwater level forecasting.



Prof. Genquan Qin   秦根泉 教授  

Strong Technology Co.,LTD    四创科技有限公司

Research Area  研究领域

Water Conservancy Engineering Structure &Water Conservancy Informatization Research


Speech Title  演讲题目 

"Integration and Application of Key Technologies  for River and Lake Water Environment and Treatment in the New Era"


Ibtisam Kamal 200.jpg

Prof. Ibtisam Kamal

Soran University, Chemical Engineering Department

Research Area  研究领域

Process system engineering


Speech Title  演讲题目 

"Batch and Continuous Adsorption Processes for Removing Contaminants from Wastewater"


Abstract: The world attention to reducing and regulating water pollution become a vital issue owing to the growth of world's population, increasing the environmental pollution and the decrease in the sources of clean water. Prevention of waste disposal in land and water sources without treatment has paid lot of interest due to its importance for environmental, economic and social aspects of sustainability. Wastewater may contain large levels of pollutants including inorganic and organic compounds may release from municipal and industrial facilities. Discharging wastewater to water resources without treatment will cause serious problems to the aquatic environment and decrease the water quality making water stream unserviceable for drinking purposes. Accordingly, water treatment stakeholders have evolved considerably to explore new water treatment technologies. The adsorption technique has become more popular in recent years for treatment of hazardous effluents. Treatment by adsorption process is effective, simple design, cheap, easy to adopt and scale-up compared to the other conventional treatment in water pollution control. The speech will focus on highlighting the using of adsorption processes for removing of contaminants from wastewater, the adsorption modes; batch and continuous, adsorption process design, operating variables, adsorption kinetics and isotherms, mechanisms and adsorption process optimization. The role of using green adsorbents derived from natural and industrial by-products, and applying the green sustainability concepts in water pollution remediation using the adsorption techniques will be demonstrated.