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Anas Ghadouani.jpg

Prof. Anas Ghadouani

The University of Western Australia

Research Area: 

Water resources, wastewater engineering, water-sensitive cities, lakes and limnology, 

aquatic ecology, environmental policy

Prof. Xiaohong chen.jpg

Prof. Xiaohong chen

Sun Yat-sen University, China

Research Area: 

Hydrology and Water Resources, Water Environment, Optimal Allocation of Water resources,  

Hydrological Forecasting, Hydrodynamic and Water Quality Modeling

Hydrological Responses to Climate Change and Human Activities, 

Stefan Wuertz.jpg

Prof. Stefan Wuertz

Nanyang Technological University., China

Research Area: 

Water quality management, microbiolog

Prof. Genquan Qin.png

Prof. Genquan Qin

Strong Technology Co.,LTD.

Research Area:

Water Conservancy Engineering Structure &Water Conservancy Informatization Research

Prof. Xiaoshen Zheng.jpg

Prof. Xiaoshen Zheng

Tianjin University of Science & Technology , China

Research Area: 

Ocean remote sensing observation, remote sensing and information processing

Prof. Junying Rao.png

Prof. Junying Rao

College of Civil Engineering, Guizhou University

Research Area: 

Tunnel Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering

A. Prof. Cheng Gao.jpg

A. Prof. Cheng Gao

Hohai University, China

Research Area: 

Research on Urban Water Security and Low Impact Development

Prof. Mingzhi Huang.png

Prof. Mingzhi Huang

South China Normal University, China

Research Area: 

Water Environment Pollution and Restoration Technology, 

Water Resources Protection and Utilization Sponge City

A. Prof. Binquan Li.jpg

A. Prof. Binquan Li

Hohai University, China

Research Area: 

Hydrology and Water Resources

Prof. Kairong Lin.jpg

Prof. Kairong Lin

Sun Yat-sen University, China

Research Area: 

Hydrological Modeling and Forecasting, Water Resource Exploitation and Utilization

Prof. Yunxia wang.jpg

Prof. Yunxia wang

College of Civil Engineering, Hefei University of Technology, China

Research Area: 

Sewersystem  planning and designing, rainfall runoff, sponge city

A. Prof. Zhiyong Liu.jpg

A. Prof. Zhiyong Liu

Sun Yat-sen University, China

Research Area: 

Hydrological Forecasting, Hydrometeorology, Urban Hydrology, 

Climate Change and Underlying Surface Response

Prof. Zhuo Liu.jpg

Prof. Zhuo Liu

Development Research Center of Ministry of Water Resources (DRC), China

Research Area: 

Water Management Policy, Water Abstraction Charges and Water Prices.

Dr. Mohd Reza Esa.jpg

Dr. Mohd Reza Esa

Faculty of Architecture, Planning And Surveying, Universiti Teknologi Mara (Uitm), Malaysia

Research Area: 

Sustainable Construction, Construction and Demolition (C&D) Waste Management, 

Green Building, Circular Economy

Prof. Guanghua Qin.jpg

Prof. Guanghua Qin

Sichuan University, China

Research Area: 

Hydrological Analysis Calculation, Hydrological Forecast and Water Resources Evaluation

Dr. Guozhong Wang.jpg

Dr. Guozhong Wang

Yellow River Conservancy Commission, China

Research Area: 

Hydrographic Water Resources, Soil and Water Conservation

Dr. Khairul Nizam Tahar.jpg

Dr. Khairul Nizam Tahar

Universiti Teknologi MARA, Malaysia

Research Area: 

UAV, Photogrammetry, Mapping, Geomatics

Prof. Jinliang Zhang.jpg

Prof. Jinliang Zhang

Yellow River Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd., China

Research Area: 

The Governance of the Yellow River

Prof. Qiting Zuo.png

Prof. Qiting Zuo

Zhengzhou University, China

Research Area: 

Water Environment and Water Resources Management

Prof. Jian Chen.jpg

Prof. Jian Chen

Wuyi University, China

Research Area: 

Civil Engineering, Engineering Management, Cost of Engineering

Dr. Sangam Shrestha.png

Dr. Sangam Shrestha 

Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand

Research Area: 

Hydrological modeling, climate change impact and adaptation in water, 

hydropower, water-energy-food nexus

Dr. Yongxiang Wang.png

Dr. Yongxiang Wang

Columbia University, US

Research Area: 

Computational Mechanics, Hydraulic Structures, Earthquake Engineering, Composites

A. Prof. Qiang Jin.jpg

Dr. Niannian Fan

Sichuan University, China

Research Area: 

River dynamics, Sediment transport

Prof. Senior Engineer Yunxin Ma.jpg

Prof. Senior Engineer Yunxin Ma

Wuhan University of Technology, China

Research Area: 

Underground Engineering, Tunnel Construction

Wenland Feng.jpg

A. Prof. Wenlan Feng

Northeast Forestry University, China

Research Area: 

Remote sensing of resources and environment; 3S and meteorological applications

Yuchang Li.jpg

A. Prof. Yuchang Li

Harbin Institute of Technology, China

Research Area: 

Intelligent underwater vehicles, Marine structure health monitoring, 

Marine structure limit state assessment

Xinyang Xu.jpg

Prof. Xinyang Xu

Northeastern University, China

Research Area: 

Wastewater treatment theory and technology, solid waste recycling, 

solid - liquid separation of micro - material slurry